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CoZeat foldable and super light booster chair


CoZeat is an invention and initiative by Henrik Aas Koren. He is an engineer with many product ideas, and he loves to develop those ideas into physical functioning products.


The idea to CoZeat came up after a trip abroad with his 5 months old daughter, where he experienced a situation, from time to time, that all parents know well: He and his wife really wished there was a chair for their child, but there wasn't.

So, in restaurants, at cafés, visiting friends or relatives, on vacation, at cabins, on ferries… how do we solve it? Leave the child in the stroller? Walk on to find another restaurant or café? Have your child on your lap through the whole visit? With CoZeat this is no longer a problem.


Henrik holds a M.Sc. in Engineering and has his work experience from oil field products and has worked as a patent engineer. There is of course a pending patent application for CoZeat.


Facsimile from Kapital, leading finance magazine in Norway

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